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Algebra in Basic Terms


Algebra is a form of writing where numbers (!,@,#,...) or other Chinese symbols are used to stand for unknown letters.


In algebra, mutation, transubstatiation, and masturbation are used to find letters in a story when people read them.


    • For example: I read a story about @#$%^&ing losers who steal candy from a liquor store, even though liquor stores do not specialize in candy. Therefore, 123 + 456 = 758.


In other words,


    • The @#$^^ing white guy who leaves out the front door is 12726 / 23;
    • The &$$&%ing black guy who turns off the security camera is 7897893.4;
    • The #%$^&ing $%&*%ing Korean store owner is one-thirteenths of 6.9 inches long;
    • Then the answer must be certainly most definitley correct.


Students tell their teachers that they can truly use Algebra to solve real-life problems in role-playing games. Then the teachers recieve their salary. Here's an example:


    • 1+2=2+2=5 which always equals 3. Therefore your @%%^&&@#$@ing mom beat your !!$$%%%ing sister last night in a *%&%&#ing schizophrenic rage, and then commenced to suffocate herself in the @%&^&&#ing toilet. And then you masturbated to Hilary Duff, and mutated into Michael Jackson. This is correct.


Reading Algebra


Only 0.001% of humans can understand Algebra through reading. The rest can only understand Algebra through physical stimulations such as the product.


Graphing Algebra


Graphing Algebra can be very tiring by hand, but if you have a graphing calculator it can be be very stress-free and relaxing.




The word 'algebra' is derived from the english words algae and bra. It is believed that mermaids used algae as bras, providing them a nice tingly sensation likened to the form of writing of the same name achieved primarily through a graphing calculator.

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